Who are we

Radharani Polymers Private Limited, a market leader in piping and related products segment, is headquartered in Odisha.

The reputed and experienced Management Team of Radharani Polymers Private Limited is led by young, energetic and dynamic leader, Rahul Agrawal. We as a team at Radharani Polymers are motivated to achieve higher levels of customer’s satisfaction, corporate excellence and strengthen our innovation technology. We are trusted by clients across the world due to our uncompromising professionalism, dedication to deliver timely and commitment to support customers to their satisfaction.
Our expert management team combines extensive experience, visionary thinking, and a
collective commitment to high-quality innovative solutions.

The company enjoys a strong reputation for the high quality products and aims to keep up with it in the future. Our mission is to provide the customer with unbeatable Quality of products and 24×7 support, consistently Innovate and constantly work towards building our customer’s Trust.

Radharani Polymers Private Limited aims at achieving complete customer satisfaction by consistently matching or exceeding their expectations. With over 10 years of proven experience, service and innovation, we are poised to become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Plastic piping systems on the global map. We aspire to be an innovative, responsive supplier of best quality products, with the world as the market.

Radharani Polymers Private Limited has witnessed higher growth by practicing high quality management techniques. Determined to serve the customers with utmost sincerity we have always worked towards maintaining harmony in our internal community.

To name a few, outstanding competence, extraordinary team spirit and visionary management are the key contributors to our success.

With more than a decade of experience in the Indian Pipes and Tanks Market, now we prepare for further growth in the pipe industry in India.

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